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Centura Health

Senior Health

St. Anthony Health Center Evergreen provides a full range of services for our current senior patients. We recognize that seniors have specific concerns and needs that sometimes change during the aging process. Our team of health care professionals are well trained and ready to help.

The Evergreen Call and Ride will drop you right at our door, and can be reached at 303-944-7474 for the North part of Evergreen, and 303-944-5777 for the South part of Evergreen.

*We are currently NOT accepting new Medicare patients, however, we WILL provide urgent care services to Medicare patients.

Senior health care services include:

  • General health care and physical wellness
  • Medication management
  • Arthritic and musculoskeletal disorders and pain management
  • Cancer screening
  • Coronary risk assessment
  • Diabetic screening and disease management
  • Chronic illness management
  • Specialist referrals as necessary

Contact us at 303-679-2020 with questions or to schedule and appointment.  You can also request an appointment online!


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